Swim England Swimming Challenge - Bronze

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Your child will be challenged to develop a wide range of skills and stamina in order to achieve this award, with a focus on good stroke style.

  • Swimming Pool at Malvern Active

The Swim England Swimming Challenge Awards are for young people working towards Stages 8-10 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework, with Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards available.

Swimming Challenge Awards – Bronze

For the following grades Sections A and B may be completed on two different occasions, but each section must be completed without pause and in the order listed. This group of skills test the pupil’s ability:

Section A

  1. To jump into water of at least full reach depth.
  2. To swim 10 metres, followed by a surface-dive into water of at least full reach depth and under water swim for a distance of five metres.
  3. To tread water in a vertical position for three minutes.
  4. To scull head-first on the back for 15 metres with the feet at, or near, the surface throughout.

Section B

  1. To swim 400 metres using two strokes. Changes of stroke can only occur at the completion of a length of the pool. A minimum of 100 metres is to be swum on each stroke.
  2. To climb out at the deep end without assistance.

Email swimlessons@malverncollege.org.uk for more information