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Improves posture, core strength, mobility and flexibility.

  • Yoga in the Studio at Malvern Active

Mat-based - also improves strength and muscle tone in core, glutes, thighs, arms, shoulders and back.

Pilates helps strengthen and balance the body, with a key focus on developing the deep core muscles. 

Pilates improves posture, balance, and flexibility with minimal risk of injury when compared to more strenuous forms of exercise. This class can be modified to provide gentle strength training or a challenging workout which makes it great for both beginners and for people who already exercise regularly.

Health benefits include:

Good posture, muscle tone, strong abdominal muscles, flexibility, improved balance, reduced stress, and an overall sense of well-being.

Fitness Pilates is based on the fundamentals of Pilates. As well as focusing on core strength, the class will also incorporate mobility,  flexibility, and balance exercises and will often finish with a few minutes of relaxation. Chilled out, easy listening popular music will be used as background music as opposed to 'working to the beat', so everyone can work at their own pace. It's a no pressure class suitable for most. Not recommended during pregnancy.

Pilates with Alex: Wednesday at 12.30pm 

Fitness Pilates with Vikki: Tuesday at 7:15pm

Pilates with Louise: Thursdays at 1pm

Pilates with Alex: Friday at 11:30am

Location: Studio


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