Inductions & Programme Reviews

Every membership includes a thorough induction, programme consultation which can be reviewed every 12 weeks.

At Malvern Active, we want to make sure you get the most our of your gym membership, which is why we provide additional services like programme consultations which is reviewed every 12 weeks.




Beginner Induction

Created for members new to the gym environment this product is designed to provide the customera tour of the gym and the knowledge of how to use the equipment so that they feel confident to train on their own.


  • Introduction and brief discussion of goals
  • Tour of the equipment
  • Brief demo/ explanation of how to use exercise equipment
  • Discussion of products/service

Free as part of the membership

60 minutes

Advanced Induction

Created for members with previous gym experience who feel comfortable in the gym environment.


  • Introduction and brief discussion of goals
  • Brief tour of the equipment
  • Discussion of products/services

Free as part of the membership

30 minutes

Programme Review

Created to provide customers with some support and direction to their training.


  • Discussion with instructor about requirements, goals and motivations
  • 12-week programme (maximum of 3 sessions per week)
  • Brief exercise demonstration

Free as part of the membership

30 - 60 minutes

Personal Training

Created for customers looking for regular support and guidance designed to accelerate progress.


  • Free consultation
  • 4–6-week programme that is regularly updated and reviewed
  • 1-2-1 session consisting of support with exercises and training theory
  • Potential additional support outside

Members £36 per session, Non-members £42 per session

45-60 mins