Worcester's Riverside Taekwondo Club

Saturday mornings 10-11am welcoming everyone from ages 4+

Taekwondo is a great form of physical and mental fitness.

Worcester's Riverside Taekwondo Club runs classes at Malvern Active every Saturday morning 10-11am, welcoming everyone from ages 4+ (adults included)!

Whether you want to join for combat fitness, learn self-defence, achieve a blackbelt, or win regional, National and International titles we are there to support you on your Taekwondo journey. 

It is a great form of physical and mental fitness, it's a martial art that teaches the skill of self-defence whilst enhancing flexibility, focus, strength, and providing a feeling of empowerment.

Taekwondo instills the 5 tenants of taekwondo into your daily routine: perseverance, indomitable spirit, integrity, self-control, and courtesy. It is an art that can be practiced for self-development or competitive drive. 

It can be enjoyed individually, with friends and with family, all year round! New attendees will also benefit from a FREE first trial! Or join as a 'Malvern Active member' and book your weekly session via the app. 👊

To find out more, please visit: Worcester's Riverside Taekwondo Club TAGB