National Fitness Day with Sarah Shaw

In celebration of National Fitness Day, we spoke to our brilliant Wellbeing Advisor and Personal Trainer, Sarah Shaw, to find out what fitness means to her. 

Personal Trainer at Malvern Active Sarah Shaw and her client

What does fitness mean to you?

"For me at the moment, fitness means feeling good running on the hills for 10 miles and more as I am training for a canicross event in October! But generally, it is about having a fit, strong and healthy body which will do all the things I want to do now and for the rest of my life".


Why is fitness so important?

"Because a lack of fitness will only end in illness, either mental or physical or both! This isn't good for you and it isn't good for the NHS! I have used fitness for all sorts of reasons, often to keep my head in order, so from a mental health point of view, I personally find it invaluable".


Do you have a top tip for staying motivated?

"Exercise in a group, change your routine or what you do regularly, set a goal".


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