Tone & Flex

Feel taller, lighter and tighter in 3 focused steps.

  • Flex and Tone at Malvern Active

10 minutes strength and tone focusing on hips, thighs and upper arms; 10 minutes of core and abdominal work; 10 minutes stretching to lengthen and improve posture and flexibility.

Tone and Flex is a 30-minute class split into three parts which covers aerobic, strengthening and toning exercises.


The aerobic parts are designed to warm the entire body before moving on to toning legs, glutes and upper body with dumbbells and body weight. Similar to body pump, Tone & Flex, uses a variety of music that is combined with each muscle group exercise, proven to keep participants motivated, especially for the final core workout! The class varies on a weekly basis with a changing intensity for the lower and upper body.


Abdominal and Core Workout

The abdominal and core workouts are designed to build core stability as well as abdominal tone and finish with a long stretch


Final Stretch

The final part of Tone & Flex focusses on stretching the entire body and relaxing all muscle groups.  This is essential as it lengthens the muscles rather than just stretching out after a workout.


Health Benefits

Overall, great all-over workout for improved strength, tone and core and suitable for all abilities.

Day/Time: Wednesday at 7.30pm with Sarah

Location: Studio

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