30 minutes fat burning circuit

  • Lean and Mean classes at Malvern Active
  • Flex and Tone at Malvern Active

This is a high intensity, quick moving workout with structured rest intervals, designed to double your calorie burn for the next 24 hours.

Lean & Mean is a high-intensity class using weights, bodyweight and mats with a mixture of strength and aerobic exercises to raise the heart rate and stress the muscles. The class is varied each week keeping it fresh and interesting for all participants!

High-intensity interval training is a fantastic way for increasing metabolic rate and inducing fat burning – even after the workout! This class is best suited for avid gym-goers who love working to their limit. Lean & mean is short and sharp and great for those wanting big improvements in stamina, strength and aerobic fitness as well as those looking to lose weight.

Other Health Benefits:

This high-intensity exercise is also great for balancing hormones and blood sugars, so those struggling with these issues will benefit.

Day/Time: Wednesday @ 7.00pm with Sarah

Location: Studio